• B.A./M.A. Health & Physical Education with concentration in Exercise Science

  • American College of Sports Medicine, Certified

  • Exercise Physiologist Certified

  • Exercise Is Medicine Certified Level 2

Joe Damush

As a veteran of the fitness industry for more than 30 years, I've worked in a variety of fitness positions for a number of national fitness companies and private country club organizations. These would include group exercise instructor (aquatics, aerobics, pilates), small group training, partner training, sport-specific training, personal training and fitness director.

​After several years, I decided to go my own way and started a personal training business focusing on each client's goals rather than the typical corporate high pressure, revenue-driven goals.

​I also strongly believe every dedicated trainer should exude personal integrity demonstrated through the commitment to the goal of empowering all clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Geist Fitness’ trainers are experts in their field through their experience, education, certifications and commitment to their profession.

​As a baby boomer, my personal philosophy on physical activity and overall wellness program has changed over the decades from being a former collegiate and semi-pro athlete to recreational activities for a more appropriate age-based lifestyle. Together with my wife of 31 years, we enjoy gardening, hiking our western national parks, scenic "cruise biking," and engaging in regular workouts wherever we are traveling.

​We also rescue abused golden retrievers and bring them into the studio to mingle with our clients who provide an abundance of love and affection.

​It's time to take charge of your life! Remember...EXERCISE IS MEDICINE!