Personal Training Memberships

Personal Training programs are designed to achieve the desired goals of the client thru medically safe and effective exercises, healthy dietary information and  motivational support.

Functional Lifestyle Fitness emphasizes core stability for healthy aging by simultaneously engaging upper and lower body exercises for improved performance of daily life activities.


We offer month-to-month studio personal training memberships. Our training includes one-on-one and partner programs including Lean by Design (long-term weight loss), Functional Fitness, and post injury rehabilitation.


Our trainers are degreed in the field of Health & Exercise Science and hold nationally recognized certifications including the industry gold standard American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Exercise Is Medicine (EIM). 

Complimentary Consultation

Clients begin the program with a meeting designed to assess goals, health and lifestyle, history, and schedule availability.


The next step is to schedule a comprehensive physical fitness test to establish a baseline for a customized training program.

Comprehensive Physical Fitness Test
  • Required before first personal training session 

  • Tests include body composition analysis, cardiorespiratory, strength,
    flexibility, and balance components

  • Testing takes approximately 60 minutes

Cost: $100 per person

Individual Personal Training 
  • Review of Comprehensive Physical Fitness Test results 

  • Develop a specific fitness plan to help you achieve your goals 

  • 30 and 60 minute sessions available

Personal Training Packages 

30 Minute
$45 / session

60 Minute
$70 / session

Partner Personal Training 
  • Review of Comprehensive Physical Fitness Test results

  • Develop a specific fitness plan for each person to achieve individual goals

  • 60 minute sessions

Partner Personal Training Packages
$45 / session per person